Best Fish Exporter

Emporos Hind is emerging as a leading frozen & chilled fish exporter from India. We continuously streamline our processes by pooling constant resolving efforts in revamping food safety standards at our partner processing units.

We currently work with certified factories strategically located across the Indian coastline. Following our vision, Emporos Hind lays great emphasis on integrity, trust, hygiene, customer satisfaction and market reputation. Emporos Hind makes exhaustive efforts in order to ensure timely delivery by practicing scientific processing models such using our modern techniques like controlled temperature environment and freezer containers. This helps us guarantee that seafood arrives at our customer’s doorstep in with an optimum level of freshness.


Exporting Fishes

We offer a wide range of frozen fish from India.

Yellofin Tuna
Scad Fish
Ribbon Fish
Indian Mackerel
White Pomfret
Bombay Duck
Bull Eye
Eel Fish
Indian Halibut
JTB Fish
Tiger Tooth Cracker
Yellow Croaker
Bigmouth Croaker
Other fishes


  • Availability: Mostly around the year except seasonal varieties
  • Supplied From: West & East Coast of India,
  • Catchment Area: Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal & Indian Ocean

Whole Fish

Cleaned Head On Fish(tailless finless options available on special request)

Cleaned Headless Fish

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