Beyond Sourcing
And Selling


The Company

Emporos Hind has gained popularity over the recent years for being a dependable and trustworthy partner offering high quality products and brands in the food industry. Based out of India; the land of diversity, we have sourcing access to a variety of delicacies and nutritional components with a substantial global demand. With a local population exceeding 1.3 billion and majority gaining access to quality nutrition, the domestic demand of foodstuff in India is growing. Emporos Hind has strategically tapped into the domestic Indian foodstuff-trading network to meet the growing local demands as well.

As an international foodstuff trading specialist, our procurement experts are trained to pick the right grade at a competitive price point.

Emporos Hind being professionally driven company has established smart and efficient methods in every aspect its trade, including but not limited to;

Pre-qualification of food producers as per destination market statutes
Smart Sourcing
Quality Control & Documentation
Customer Support

The Distinctive Advantage

Access to a wide range of foodstuff - Vegetables, Fruits, Nuts, Grains, Pulses, Spices, Meat, Fish, Diary Products and Edible Oil.

A Reliable trade partner serving over 25+ markets – Domestic & International.

Quality at a Competitive Price Point.

Farm to Fair: Strategically partnered with vital supply chain touch points – Farms, Collection Points, Commodity Wholesalers, Processors and Manufacturers, Exporters, Importers and Retailers.

Lower Lead Time – Thanks to our efficient partner network. We can address your foodstuff sourcing requirement with minimal lead time.

Smart Trade Practices – Access to cutting edge technology and highly skilled business practitioners.

Insightful acquaintance with the source, intermediaries and destination stakeholders.

Active Participation and On-demand roles.

Flexible Business model – we can undertake specific roles based on the partner demand such as Trade Consultant, Market Inspector, Sourcing Agent, Exporter or Importer.

Forever Friend – our partnerships grow beyond business and hence we ensure that extra effort is pooled in to sustain our trade as well as personal relationships.

Transparency and Collaborative Growth Philosophy – our business virtues are based on transparency and a win-win model. We attempt to ensure each stakeholder in the trade is offered the desired value.

Timely Delivery – Our commitments are time bound. Since most of our commodities fall under the perishable food category, we follow efficient handling protocols in order to minimize storage and transit.

Our access to a profound global trade network has also enabled us to trade beyond conventional foodstuff trading. Knowledge, experience and access to professional skillset and resources, has helped us to diversify and adapt to the most challenging demands of the industry such as Organic Food, Vegan Food, Jain Food, Halal Food, Kosher Food and Non-GMO Food.