India’s agro potential is huge, enabling Emporos Hind to leverage from this diversified agricultural land. As of one of the world’s leading agricultural sourcing agent, we are committed to deliver exceptional value across the international agro supply chain.

Ensuring scientific methods of sourcing, grading and storage as per international standards helps us maintain the original efficacy of our commodities till they reach the end buyer. Our professional sourcing experts have a profound know-how of the stringent quality demands posted by our international agro importers. Our agro sourcing policies are hence well defined in order to help our partners offer the best value to their consumers.

Emporos Hind follows a zero-compromise policy on the souring front. Our agriculture producers, practice an ethical and balanced farming model in order to ensure quality at a competitive price point. We have established quality checkpoints even beyond harvest. Our trained professionals constantly monitor Agro Storage, transport facilities and delivery mechanisms in order to keep the quality intact from plant to platter. Emporos Hind’s global partner network helps us keep in pace with the changing food consumption dynamics, we understand the evolving culinary demands and empower our farming partners with knowledge, help them acquire resources and skills to meet such demands.



Emporos Hind has access to a wide rage of agro products.

Fresh Vegetables

Demand for Indian Vegetables, Fruits and other foodstuff is consistently growing..

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Coconuts are well-known for its high protein content, ability to destroy intestinal parasites..

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World’s best-demanded rice varieties renowned for counts of quality, shelf life, nutrition and hygiene..

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Our pulses are stringently inspected to ensure its natural taste and color is maintained through out the supply chain..

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Indian Spices

Emporos Hind has direct access to a wide network of spice farms and plantations across India..

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Other Food Exports

Teamwork and excellent customer service has helped us source and distribute a variety of foodstuff..

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Currently, our international hubs operate from Dubai and England catering to the Middle East and European regions respectively.

Emporos Hind has also formed strategic partnerships with prominent agro importers in North America including U.S.A and Canada, South East Asia, Oceania region including Australia and New Zealand.

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