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Certain Indian crab species such Mud Crab, Three Spotted Crab and Blue Swimming Crab as are of very high in demand across the world. Emporos Hind can supply the most common variants of crabs such as:


Fresh Crab

Emporos Hind has overnight shipping arrangements aimed at preserving life and freshness of the crab until the end point. Fresh crabs are widely demanded by special food joints, gourmet restaurants and hotels.


Frozen Crab

Harvested from Sea or Farms and processed, frozen, stored and shipped, Emporos Hind has ensured its suppliers maintain highest quality standards and destination statures.


Crab Meat

Emporos Hind has strategic partnership with highly specialized processing plants supplying crabmeat. We can supply crabmeat with and without shell. Crab meat with out shell is generally less expensive. Emporos Hind can facilitate crabmeat in fresh, frozen, pasteurized and unpasteurized conditions.

Exporting Crabs

Upon Pre-order and MOQ conditions, Emporos Hind can provide the following grades of crab meat.

Jumbo lump Crabmeat
Regular lump Crabmeat
Colossal Crabmeat
Claw Crabmeat
Blackfin Crabmeat
Special Crabmeat

More Info

Emporos Hind can source and export crab and crab meat in a variety of available sizes and packaging options.

  • Availability: Around the Year (except seasonal species)
  • Supplied From: East and Southwest Coasts of India.
  • Catchment Area: Farms / Wild in Indian Costal Peninsula, Arabia Sea, Bay of Bengal and Indian Ocean.

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